Raw Foods – How Raw Foods is Beneficial for You

Everyone has heard of the famous saying which is also apparently true, “You are what You Eat!” Such may be seen in obese or overweight people as well as those that suffer from diabetes, cancer and other heart diseases. This may be blamed to the modernity that the world is now in like the lifestyle changes, agricultural, environment and technological progress.

For those who aim to have optimum health, there are various diet programs that one may choose from, though some of these diets promise a body that is healthy and fit, some may actually just a bogus to get one to sign up for their program and the worst part is it does not suit you and offer any kind of development through the process.

Raw Food in Detail

Raw Food may be defined as those types of foods that are not in any way modified through cooking or any other process wherein heat is applied. Raw food diet is only focused on consuming unprocessed and fresh foods which is the major key to the diet. Generally, if the diet contains 75 to 100 percent of raw food consumed then it is said to be a diet of raw food.

According to some nutritionist, while it’s true that cooked foods contain some good nutrients in them, the heat applied may cause some of the essential nutrients to dissipate thus making it less healthful for the body. The reason behind this is foods heated at 118 degrees Fahrenheit or higher may lose some essential enzymes which are important for the digestion of food. This may also cause some chemical changes in the food that may actually cause some harmful materials to build up and some free-radicals also to appear which is related to many health related problems leading to certain cancer diseases in severe cases.

Additionally, licensed nutritionists believe that consuming raw food has a big impact in “alkalizing” the body. This is because of the pH or otherwise known as “potential of hydrogen “content of the raw food consumed. Professional and medical experts say that the body’s pH level content is important to the health status of the human body. The pH level represents the hydrogen ion that is present in the blood.

This number will depend on the alkalinity or acidity content of the blood. An alkaline based body will depend on the foods that one consumes.

The popularity of consuming raw foods is now rapidly increasing because many people have proven its effectiveness in promoting optimum health that is seen through the mental, physical and emotional state of one’s body.

Raw food diet mainly consists of grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds and avoids one from eating animal products like dairy and meat.

Cooked Food’s Harmful Effects

The digestion process and absorption process of the body is both affected by foods that are cooked which in turn may result to allergic reactions. On the contrary, when one eats purely raw food, these effects may rarely happen.

Cooking foods may be good but at times however there are some studies that prove this method may actually affect the enzymes that are present in foods which are known to help and offer health benefits to the body. Cooking with oil may replace the enzymes in food with cholesterol and fats from the oil used, not to mention the MSG or salt that you put in it.

Experts Dr. Earp-Thomas and Dr Wigmore mentioned that cooked food may be related to the progress and development of certain tumors that may lead to cancers. And the worst part of it all is that, this helps their growth, on the contrary, raw diet is highly recommended to help in fighting off various types of cancers as well as heart conditions which is considered as one of the biggest problems when it comes to health.

Generally, cooked type of food is very addictive because of some of its qualities not to mention it contributes to one’s weight gain that may eventually lead to obesity.

Raw Diet Benefits

1)      Raw foods have more nutritional content because these are packed with essential nutrients not to mention phytonutrients.

2)      Raw foods also have higher level content of enzymes which aids in the digestion and absorption process of the body.

3)      Consuming raw foods is also healthier because the body does not need to make any more digestive enzymes since it is already present in the food eaten raw. Instead of the body releasing these enzymes to digest the food consumed, it may be used  for other functions of the body  like cell regeneration and renewal, healing, metabolic normalization, fighting off some foreign matters, and many others.

4)      Raw diet also has much lower levels of substances that are harmful to the body like saturated fats, Trans fats, as well as cholesterol. On the contrary, raw foods contain healthier minerals like potassium and fiber. Therefore, the more one eats more raw food the lesser they are likely to have severe health problems like heart diseases and cancer.

5)      Raw food is also known to boost one’s immune system and help treat allergies, light-headedness, and common colds and lower one’s sick days. Moreover, by far this is the only food that nutritionist recommend to eat in large quantities without having to worry about weight gain rather for increased health and energy levels.

6)      Raw diet is also helpful in getting rid harmful toxins that may be present in one’s body which contributes to skin aging and many other illnesses, raw diet is packed with antioxidant that plays a huge part in promoting a youthful look.

From the information that has been presented above, you are now one step closer to finally understanding the many benefits raw diet can offer. Following the raw diet is not that difficult to do and it does not also require any kind of complexity but convenience in its preparation until its consumption.

The very basic information there is in raw food is that it is purely comprised of veggies therefore any kind of meat product or those that are made out of it is prohibited to be eaten. Foods that are included in the diet are nuts, legumes, seeds, fruits and vegetables. If are not used to not eating meat, then you may opt for alternative products like organic ones, organic chicken, eggs and meat. Raw fish such as sushi may also be fine. Product counterparts that are organic are more preferable to consume if you need to eat meat product.

Another thing that you need to remember to remain in your raw diet is that it should consist of 75 percent raw foods. Make a list of the meals you are going to eat, for instance, in breakfast you may have fruit juices rather than cereal or coffee. For your lunch, you may eat little piece of those organic meat mixed with raw vegetable like salad. And for your dinner, you may eat cooked food but only in little portion. For snacks in between these full meals,          you may eat fruits and nuts instead of junk foods.

Another basic rule in raw diet is to not eat too much salt and sugar, wheat must also be avoided together with MSG. When you go out and shop for your food supply, look for the organic section in the local market and buy “green” products only, this is to be sure that you are buying chemical-free food products.

In conclusion, at first it may seem too boring for one to follow the raw diet because it only prohibits one from eating your favorite delicious foods, this may be true, however, the effects of these foods that you love may be detrimental to your health and body and cause all sorts of illnesses. You need to understand one thing when deciding to follow the raw diet, you have to have self-discipline, be motivated and fully informed to be able to be successful in your new quest in living a healthier lifestyle and a “new” and youthful you.

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