Wheat Grass: A Magical Super Alkaline Food

Posted on 16. May, 2012 by in Alkaline Foods

The grass of wheat that has not been fully matured is called wheat grass. This may be similar to a wild grass that may grow in anyone’s backyard however, the benefits of wheat grass are numerous. A scoop of the wheat grass combined with a favorite drink of the day can already replace at least 5 up to 9 servings of the recommended daily consumption of vegetables.

For many years, the wheat grass has become very famous because of the numerous benefits that it can offer, aiding in various diseases that are very prevalent nowadays. As a natural remedy, people have come to realize that this can help in many life threatening diseases without the use of anymore commercially made medications. In essence, wheat grass may benefit one by helping increase one’s immune system and energy levels every day.

The benefits that wheat grass offers are numerous and of quality and this is the main reason why health practitioners and medical experts call this as the “superfood” of nature. The plant’s young leaf may already be considered as complete food because it comprises of 13 and more vitamins, amino acids, minerals and other trace elements. It helps in the renewal of cells in the body, thus one feels rejuvenated and revitalized.

  • Wheat grass is one of the healthiest sources of natural nutrient that promotes alkaline in the body. Any nutritionist knows that the body should maintain a pH level that is from 7.35-7.45 and this is said to be alkaline. Maintaining such level is not a problem since the wheat grass can offer it to the body.
  • Wheat grass may be considered as the best weapon to fight off acidity in the body, picture it as a kind of detergent that helps washes away all the toxicity in the body primarily acids. And the good thing about it all is that it is healthy, safe and natural.
  • Consuming wheat grass is just like consuming a full healthy meal because it contains 13 essential vitamins, 10 minerals, fiber chlorophyll, 17 amino-acids, and vast amounts of enzyme that allows the body to perform well and normally.
  • The nutrients in wheat grass is said to be bio-available meaning the body can absorb it fast. And even with an empty stomach, the nutrients found in wheat grass can go directly in the blood stream for only 20 minutes.
  • Additionally, studies and research have proved that eating wheat grass may prevent cancer diseases not to mention its advancement to the next state. Wheat grass is one of the foods that are most alkaline helping the body to be energized, healthy and revitalized.
  • If you are aiming to lose weight using organic type of foods, then wheat grass is perfect for you, you can make wheat grass juice out of it and drink it every day. Wheat grass aids in increasing one’s metabolism thus all body fats are easily burned and transformed to energy.
  • And the best part of all of it is that you can even grow this plant at home in just 1 week and may be consumed after a period of 7 days. With such practice, your body will be revitalized and achieve optimum health with just consuming this “super food” that is packed with alkaline.
  • Wheat grass has a natural sweet taste contrary to other organic plants that may have bitter taste to the palate and so people will enjoy eating this to promote health and wellness. Wheat grass is packed of all essential nutrients that the body needs.

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