Causes That Makes Your Body To Become Acidic

In truth, the body has its own defense mechanism to counter the hazardous effect of over acidity, however, it may need some help to be maintained at optimal condition to function at its best.

A body that is over acidic is known to soon lead to many disease or illnesses which could even mean death for some. Death may be caused by a lot of factors and one major factor that could bring one to this is over acidity, once the body is overwhelmed of too much acid, the different organs may stop functioning thus death related illnesses arises.

The major factors that can cause the aforementioned problems are the following:

  • Consuming too much pre-packed or processed foods
  • Consuming foods that contain too much sugar and carbohydrate like pasta
  • Over consumption of dairy products like ice cream, milk and cheese
  • Over use of some meds like antibiotics, hormones and over exposure to pesticides and preserves
  • Eating pork, beef and poultry
  • Using synthetic medication and using processed iodized salt

Of course the most obvious cause of acidity is the wide spread environmental problem like that of pollutants in the air, water and land. Over stress may also be another factor that can contribute to acidity because stress can put on so much strain to the body like insufficient sleep or rest, exercise and changes in the normal lifestyle that the body have been used which may lead to the increase in the acid level of the body. Such scenario can lead to the cell’s slow deterioration, absorbing more toxins and releasing lesser quantities thus the organs slowly deteriorate like the kidneys, colons, lungs and skin.

Having a healthy, balanced and normal alkalinity level can help prevent the side effects of over acidity. With increased alkalinity in the body, there is more oxygen that is being distributed throughout the body.

Blood that is highly alkaline can help promote oxidation which also helps the blood function optimally. This will allow the body’s cells to regenerate faster and then eliminate toxins out of the body. Increased alkalinity also aids in absorbing essential nutrients that the body needs that may help in slowing down the aging process as well as its effects.

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