Juicing Technique to Alkalize Your Body

Posted on 18. May, 2012 by in Alkaline Diet Tips

It is common for all that even if they know that raw vegetables and fruits are healthy, others just don’t like eating it because of the taste it leaves the mouth. However, even if some of these foods may not taste good to the mouth, there is no alternative food that can offer essential nutrients like these fruits and vegetables offer. And so if one aims to have a body that is healthy with a balanced level of alkalinity then fruits and vegetables must be included in one’s diet.

Since you just can’t avoid eating fruits and vegetables then it might be better to think of some ways that is fun and new for you to enjoy eating fruits and vegetables. And one perfect way just to do that is to juice them up. Juicing your alkaline rich foods may just be the perfect way to enjoy your food without having to eat it as it is since all the essential you need are still in the juiced food that you prepared.

The Juicing Technique

There may be some doubt in using the juicing technique to consume your alkaline foods, however the process of doing this is simple and easy and the nutrients are still present in the juice you have made. The process is used to extract fluid from raw fruits and vegetables which means, you still get the same nutrients except fiber. Fiber is known to help in absorbing nutrients in the body, but nonetheless, there is no need to worry since the fluids extracted out of the fruits and vegetables are easily absorbed by the body.

Alkaline Benefits

You may wonder what makes your juice so special. Well, for one it is in fluid form therefore the body will be able to absorb it easier and faster, at most, in 20 minutes. It is a known fact that solid foods takes much longer time to be absorbed by the body as it needs to be digested and undergo a lot or process firstly, chewing. However, if your food is in a liquid or fluid form, the body easily absorbs all the essential nutrients.

  • Of course, if you absorb the juiced alkaline rich food, you also get to achieve the results at a much faster rate. In just less than 1 hour, you can experience the cleansing and detoxifying effect of the alkalized juice. This is the quickest and simplest way that one can achieve an alkaline body promoting health and wellness.
  • Another benefit that may also be achieved is a high volume rate of the various nutrients all at the same time. Eating different raw vegetables and fruits may be a challenge to some people just to get that complete serving of nutrients that their bodies need, however with just juicing these fruits and vegetables all together then it is easier to absorb complete nutrients that you need by just drinking it, no need to bite and chew all of it.
  • Lastly, you also get to save your energy and time in just juicing because when you eat fruits and vegetables raw it also means you need to clean, peel, chop or dice them whereas when you juice them up, you only clean the raw fruits and vegetables and then place them in your juicer and wait for a couple of minutes and you are done.

The Wonders of Juicing Technique

Others may have the wrong notion that juicing may be too much work but in fact, it is not. First thing that you need to do is to wash thoroughly the raw fruits and vegetables, take note however, to wash them mildly as some nutrients may be cleansed away.

Next step is to prepare the juicer that you are going to use. The cost of one will run from $100 to $200, but don’t think twice because the benefits of having one is more than what your money can buy just think about the health benefits it can offer you and the convenience as well. If your juicer however is not that effective at extracting the fluid out of the fruit or vegetable then you might as well opt to buy a centrifuge juicer, this may come a bit expensive compared to the regular juicer but it is more effective at juicing hard types of vegetables such as carrots.

As a basic rule, the first veggies that you need to put first are those of soft green ones. After which, place the harder type of veggies, this harder type of veggies or fruits will then go to the bottom, allowing juiced and softer veggies or fruits to stay on top.

There are many juice recipes that you can make with your juicer, from traditional recipes such as the tomato juice and to some unconventional recipes like tomato-lettuce juice, the important thing you have to know is the combination that will best suit your taste buds. You can always make your own recipe if you like.

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