How Alkaline Diet Prevent Cancer Diseases

Alkaline Diet is a form of diet that promotes on consuming fresh vegetables, citrus fruits, legumes, nuts and tubers. This diet disallows one to the consumption of too much salt, grains, dairy products and meat. The aim of the alkaline diet is to achieve alkalinity in one’s blood that reads 7.35 to 7.45 pH levels, and also prevent acidity which reads 5 to 7 pH levels.

The alkaline diet helps maintain such balance, essential for one’s body to endure itself from all sorts of activities and diseases. The alkaline diet is known for its ability to prevent certain types of diseases which also include cancer.

Main Causes of Cancer

Basically, the body is made out of cells and each cell absorb glucose, oxygen, and essential nutrients that is important to cell regeneration and elimination of toxic wastes that is known to be harmful to the body. The role of the body’s immune system is to be the front liner defense from toxic wastes and eliminate it during the process. When there is too much acid inside the body, the toxic wastes overpowers the body’s immune system thus the cells are unable to absorb enough oxygen preventing its regeneration and so all sorts of disease occurs and in severe cases, even Cancer may progress.

How the Alkaline Diet prevent Cancer

Generally, bacteria, fungus, yeast infection and the like hosts in an acid based environment, their growth may cause the development of some various diseases. This over acidity of the body may affect the normal and healthy cells of the body thus causing cancer cells to develop. Such microorganisms are known to not grow and survive in an alkaline based environment.

Anaerobic Cells are unable to Develop in increased Oxygen Levels

If the cells in one’s body are not supplied with enough oxygen, this creates the perfect condition for cancerous cells to thrive and develop. However, if the alkalinity is maintained in the body’s bloodstream which should read from 7.35 to 7.45, the immune system is more capable of doing its job and prevents cancer cells to thrive and develop thus disabling the occurrence or development of cancer.

How Alkaline Diet Hinders the Development or Growth of Cancer

The alkaline diet is known to help maintain and balance the blood alkalinity and acidity content, cells that are more alkaline are able to absorb more of oxygen. It is said that alkalized cells can hold up to 20 times more of oxygen than acidic cells. And cancer cells on the other hand, are not able to survive in oxygen based environment. When the body’s cells contain more oxygen the probability of cancer disease slims down because the cancer cells have remained in dormant stage.

In conclusion, there is higher probability of cancer disease in an environmental condition that is acidic since cancer cells thrive in such places, however, alkaline based environment hinders the development of such cells that may lead to cancer itself. The alkaline diet is not only famous for preventing all sorts of disease but it is also known to boost one’s energy and health.

Chlorophyll, that green pigmentation present in leaves may be similar to the idea or concept of the alkaline diet. There is so much that still needs to be discovered in such plants, however, we already know that they offer many health benefits. The alkaline diet promotes a way to increase one’s energy, eliminate too much acid and an effective and alternative way to treatment than using commercialized medication. In essence, the alkaline diet can provide one a healthy and disease-free body.

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